Tattoos for Girls

My name is Lilly-Mae Carpenter. I am a (not so young anymore) woman and tattoo lover. Here you will find everything girls and young women need to know before getting a tattoo. I wish I had this information before I got my first tattoo.

Locations of tattoos for girls

A very popular location for a girly tattoo has been and still is the lower back. Tattoos in this area are also know as “tramp stamps” - for me quite a nasty name for a really good place for a tattoo. In my opinion the lower back is a really sexy location for a tattoo and the tattoo can easily be covered whenever it is necessary.

More and more girls are also getting their tattoos on their feet or just above the ankle. Very nice if you use to walk barefeet in the summertime. I don’t have a tattoo in either of these locations myself but I think getting a tattoo there could hurt a bit. Anyhow, it sure is a good place.

On the back of your shoulder - very popular place. Can also look very sexy with a small tattoo such as a butterfly, a little flower or a fairy. But consider, that your tattoo may be seen quite openly in the summertime when wearing a tank top.

As far as I know most people (no matter if boys or girls) are getting a tattoo on their upper arm. Good place as you can cover it or show it just as you like.

Many girls and young women told me that they were considering getting a tattoo on the inside of their wrist. So I guess this is quite a popular location at the moment. I am not really sure about it. Yes, it can easily be covered but this as well seems to be a hurtful place to get a tattoo for me. And then you can not really show it easily - but I guess some girls just like it that way.